About Me

That’s me 🙂 in a poetic pose. 😀

Hey everybody, I’m Aaron and I’m 26. I started taking pictures when I was a little kid with 15 years. I even skipped school to photoshop at home 🙂 (don’t do that) 🙂 It made me what I am today. A photography GOD… no, BUT I think I’m good enough to teach beginners what I know with 11 years of experience. 🙂


Why I Started This Site

I see all the photographers websites where they teach you basically with high-end gear how to take basic pictures which isn’t fair in my opinion because gear does matter (a little) other ways there wouldn’t be a point to buy a lens for $14000. Right? Plus they don’t realize problems that beginner have with their cheap gear because they have the best of the best.


How I Can Help You:


  • I will show you every function on your camera at first of course. In the how-to photo>Camera basics tab.

Free Tutorials

  • I will then provide you with knowledge and tips how you can improve your photography rapidly. In the how-to photo> beginner photography tips tab.


  • I know that it sometimes becomes hard to stay creative without any creative input. So I even have a section where you can have a look around and find photography projects for beginners. Go to How to pohto> photography projects for beginners. Or to photoblog explained.

Professional But Easy Editing

  • A how to edit tab will come soon. Where you will find techniques that most professionals keep to them self because they are afraid that people steal their style (I’m not even kidding they are) or they want to sell it. Usually waaaay overpriced. :). I, however, think that everybody should be able to learn how to make a good picture look great with photoshop or Lightroom. Because being a successful photographer isn’t a certain style of editing it is a lot more than that.

Showing You Which Gear Makes Sense.

  • Besides that, you can find a section called reviews and that is already the last reason why I wanted to make this website. I know that these days people get sponsored and write reviews for things they haven’t even touched. Just to get the sale. I want to do better than that. Why? Because I’m a passionate photographer and not a salesman 🙂 I want to do what I love. Call me naive, but I think I will get further with honesty and credibility than with a couple of hundred bucks that I made while I destroyed my reputation. 🙂

Ok enough of that.

In the review tab, you can find everything that you might need as a beginner. (which isn’t that much). 🙂 All the gear I review, I have personally used most of it even for years. 🙂  Yes, I will probably get 4% of the money when you buy something there to pay for this website here. 🙂

Alright, that’s already it. If you think my website might be something for you make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter that you will get once a week to keep you up to date. Also feel free to comment your questions or opinions everywhere. I will try to answer them as good and fast as I can 🙂

Email me: aaron@whatcameraguide.com

Anyways, I wish you all the best with your camera and your pictures and thank you for dropping by


Cheers, Aaron

Founder of whatcameraguide.com