Best DSLR Camera Accessories

Best DSLR Camera Accessories

What to have in the Camera Bag



Hey, today we will talk about the Best DSLR Camera Accessories inside your Photo bag. When I started with photography I wasn’t exactly organized or anything, I just wanted to take beautiful pictures.😊 But then I run out of battery or SD space in the middle of my shooting and missed the perfect picture. Also, a good example is you get dirt on your lens and can’t really get it off without damaging your lens. In my opinion, there are a few little things that can improve your life a lot when you go out to take pictures.


  1. UV Filter
Best DSLR Camera Accessories
UV Filter

The first and in my opinion, the most important thing you need to have for your camera is a UV filter. You actually need it in some places on earth to correct the UV light, which you would see as a blue color on your image, but that’s why I have it. It is basically just a glass that doesn’t change anything in your picture 😊 but it sits in front of your lens and protects it. So, if you have for some reason something flying into your lens, a stone or something, it would smash or scratch the filter and not your super expensive lens. Awesome isn’t it.😊

A filter costs from 5,99$ up to 2975$ but, no worries you will be just fine with the cheap one.😊 The most common filter is the 58mm that fits to the 18-55 canon lens that you get with the Eos rebel t6.

If you have another lens just have a look at the front of it and you will find the size, you need.

Best DSLR Camera Accessories
Here you can find the size

  1. A Camera Lens Cleaning KitBest DSLR Camera Accessories

A cleaning kit is the second most important thing because if your lens is dirty your photo will look dirty. Don’t try to just use something to clean your lens, because somethings can scratch the glass or even make it blind.

Camera lens cleaning kits cost from 8.99$ up to 99$. But again, I have been just ok with the cheap ones and I think you will be too.😊

  1. An Extra Batterybest buy canon cameras accessories

An extra battery could also be the Nr.1 on the list. I don’t know how often it happened that I was one picture close to the perfect one and then… my camera died. So, I got used to having at least one extra battery in my and it saved my life hundreds of times. In the case of an extra battery, I would buy an original one because if you buy a cheap one you might end up with a camera on fire.😊 If you have a canon, a battery will cost you something around 50$.

  1. Extra SD Cards

must have accessories for a dslr camera You might think: Well I have a 64 GB card that’s more than enough, but nope if you make videos or you are on fire and taking pictures like a machine gun (sports events) the free space will be full in no time. The second thing is, I really don’t know how many SD cards I have already lost in my life and if you have only one it is going to be a huge problem. Trust me. 😊

They cost from 12$ up to 64$. If you want to make videos or take pictures with a high cadence you should buy a highspeed card with 90 or 150MB/s if you don’t want to do that don’t worry about the speed.

  1. Your Freaking Charger and Data Cablesmust have dslr camera accessories

Last but not least, I don’t know how often I went somewhere for a weekend to take pictures and then realized I forgot my charger or some other cable so I figured the what to have in camera bag easiest way is to keep all camera related cables in my camera bag and put them back there straight after using them. To avoid a LOT of frustration.

That’s already it about the best DSLR camera accessories. I hope that my post was informative and fun to read. If you have any questions or opinions on this post feel free to ask me in the comments I will get back to you in no time.


Cheers Aaron.

6 thoughts on “Best DSLR Camera Accessories

  1. Shonna

    Hey Aaron!!!

    I bought my first DSLR last year and I must admit, this article is definitely on point. I cannot say I have ever ran out of battery juice in the middle of shooting, but there have been countless times I have left my house with a battery that is about to die. I was only 3 weeks into my getting to know my camera when I realized I was going to need an extra battery and an extra SD card. The SD card is equally as important!!!

    1. Aaron

      Hey shonna, I am glad that you liked the post 🙂 I also think that battery, SD card and cables are the absolut basic 101 of having a camera 🙂

  2. Melanin Queen


    I love this website. It gives me the perfect amount of information to start a photography website. I never knew this much information about a camera up until now. I will be sure to tell other people about this website if they want in depth information about a specific camera. Thanks

    -Melanin Queen

    1. Aaron

      Hey Melanin, I am glad you liked the information I gave. I would love to see your photograhy website when its done. 🙂

  3. Sam

    Hey Aaron,
    Love photography and this is the perfect guide to let newbies understand what they need. Awesome work on the article also, It’s very basic and easy to understand. Do you have any of your photos online?? Any favourite places you’ve been to take some shots?
    Thanks again

    1. Aaron

      Hey Sam, I am glad you liked the article. yes, I do. 🙂 my favourite place is New Zealand you can find so many different scenes in such a small point of the world it is unbelievable. my second one would be a botanical garden of choice. But usually I just like to take pictures of where I am and then I try to make it look as good as it can. 🙂

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