Canon 4000D Review

Canon 4000D Review

A few weeks ago Canon released their new entry-level DSLR 4000D. Sounds Amazingly interesting. Right?!

So now after some time of testing it, I think one question raised up for everybody is the even 4000D worth it? Or are you better off buying the older version 1300D?

Alright, let’s get started with my Canon 4000D review 🙂

Canon is actually known to THE camera manufacturer in the world. I Actually love them and every lens and camera I own is from canon. Yet I must say I got mixed feelings about the 4000D and I will show you why.

  • Price/Performance: 2/10
  • Built quality: 6/10
  • My Opinion: 2/10
  • The only place to buy: Canon

Who is it for?

The 4000D replaced the 1300D which is the cheapest and most basic DSLR from canon you could possibly buy. Which is great for students or just enthusiastic people that want to have a try at photography. I personally started on a 1000D which is like the oldtimer version of the 1300D and I loved it until I outgrew it.

What Got Better? Or Worse?

The new PLASTIC Mount

The first thing you will notice is there is something odd about the body. The mounting ring that holds the lens is made out of plastic… Come on canon… They say they did it to make it lighter and reduce costs for the consumer. The funny thing is the 4000D costs more than its forerunner 1300D. Plus the entry DSLRs don’t weight so much as that you need to reduce weight. So the plastic mount definitely counts as a worse point.

Canon 4000D Review

The Rest of the Body

Everything is plastic, but that is nothing new and it is alright for me at least. There still is one bad thing about it though. The body really looks and feels like they tried to make it feel like a fake Canon. I don’t know why they did this, but probably to save weight and costs for the consumer 😉

Canon 4000D Review

The Flash Doesn’t Pop Up Anymore

That isn’t really a big thing because the camera tells you when you have to open it, but I think it really represents how much they have taken away from the camera.



The sensor is the same as the 1300D has it is a CMOS cropped sensor with 18 megapixels. Which is totally fine for a start plus you can even do small prints with that resolution.


The iso goes from 100 to 6400 extendable to 12.800 just like you guessed right the 1300D

Focusing System

The 4000D has also the same Hybrid CMOS AF system as the 1300D. 9 AF points with one cross point in the middle. In my opinion, they could have updated it since it was already in the 1200D which is the forerunner of the 1300D. Still, you will be able to focus and shoot sharp pictures with it.

Wireless Connectivity and NFC

I loved this feature when it came out on the 1300D and I still do. I’m glad they didn’t remove it to save some weight and consumer costs… For everybody that doesn’t know, it enables you to load your pictures straight from the camera to the phone to share them instantly. Plus you can use your phone now as a remote control for the camera. Super Cool. 🙂

Canon 4000D Review


Same story here. It can shoot video in full HD (1080p with 29,97fps or 720p with 59.94fps) for 29 minutes or to a max of 4GB. Just as the 1300D can. And as well as the 1300D it can’t focus while shooting which really makes it worse than a phone for shooting video…

Burst Mode

The 4000D can shoot up to 3 frames a second for which stays consistent for 1110 picture in jpeg. However, when it comes to RAW files it will stay consistent for 6 pictures. Exactly like the 1300D.

Build in Manual

This is actually a pretty cool feature, especially for beginners. The camera explains you every function it has. So you wouldn’t really need to read the Manual book and figure things out as you go along.

Canon 4000D Review

4000D Compared to the 1300D


Model 4000D 1300D
Mount Plastic Aluminum
Fps 3fps 3fps
Sensor CMOS 18MP CMOS 18MP
Build in manual yes yes
Wireless/NFC yes yes
Build Quality 5/10 9/10
Full HD Video yes yes
Pop up flash no yes
Autofocus System Hybrid CMOS AF Hybrid CMOS AF
Price including 18-55mm lens 399€ new New 315€ used 293€ at Amazon


As I said I’m actually a huge Canon fan, but I have to say I’m not a fan of this Camera. There is no advantage about it. It actually is a worse version of the 1300D which is even cheaper. However, I can’t explain to myself why Canon would do anything like that, but they did which leave me and I think a lot of others with a huge question mark. What I especially don’t like about the situation is that it feels like Canon tries to take advantage of photography beginners that don’t really know yet what is good and what isn’t. Another big problem for me is that they seem to rather take some stuff out the camera (like the lens mount) to make you buy the next better version that has an aluminum mount.

I would still recommend you to buy the 1300D as your first camera because it literally can do everything that the 4000D does if not even better. (lens mount)

That’s already it with my Canon 4000D review. I hope you made the decision to buy the 1300D or any other camera but this one. If you have any questions or opinions please let me know in the comments and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Cheers Aaron.


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4 thoughts on “Canon 4000D Review

  1. Chris

    Hi Aaron,

    thanks for this great, balanced review. I own a Canon 700D myself and just like you I would consider myself a Canon fan. But this camera really reminds me of a cheap “compact camera”, rather than a DSLR. What a bummer…

    You said you’d suggest to get the 1300D instead, and I agree on that as well, espacially if the price point is similar. Do you know if they are planning to replace the 1300D by the 4000D or will they continue to produce the 1300D?


    1. Aaron

      Hey Chris, yep I was actually excited to see the 4000D, but when I did all the excitement was gone… 🙂  The 4000D is the new 1300D at least in Europe. In the US is Canon still selling it as the Rebel T6, but on amazon you can still get the 1300D.

  2. Spot On Website!


    I am also a Canon fan and was just looking into this model for my wife. Your transparent review is very helpful.

    In particular, the comparison chart made it very easy to see the feature differences. I agree on the plastic comment as it seems out of character for Canon.

    Is it true you can only purchase this version on Canon’s site or did I read that wrong. Also is that true for the 1300D?

    Anyway, the 1300D seems to be the way to go.


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