Food Photography Tips and Techniques

Food Photography Tips and Techniques

Food Blog Photography Tips

Hey today I want to talk about Food photography and how you can easily make a beautiful food picture. My post will not aim at people, who want to use several flashes, soft boxes hairspray and steaming cotton balls to make the food on the picture look awesome. I will aim at people, who want a nice picture while not looking like a total freak with a camera in the middle of a Coffey shop or don’t want to use a lot of equipment (like blogger) and still want to eat that food afterwards. 😊

So, let’s start

1. Food Photography Lighting Tips

food blog photography tips
Good lighting-Super bad lighting

Light on your food is the most important thing at all and usually the one thing that can make a picture of a random food really nice or a very nice food very bad looking, if you don’t know how to use it.

To have a good light situation on your picture it is usually enough, when you just put it in front of a window or in another situation with a lot of natural light.

If you are at home and you happen to have a flash laying around, you can use it indirect to the ceiling or into the room, but not direct on to your food to have soft indirect light that creates soft shadows. (never use a on board flash for food).

Tipp: I like it when I have the light is coming from one side so you will have a bridge and a shadow side.

2. Get the right angle

What is the right angle? There is nothing like that… 😊 awesome, isn’t it? 😃 It is the same with food as it is with a portrait you have to know what you like and experiment a little until it looks delicious. I for example like it a lot to go macro on food with a nice bokeh and a lot of detail, but sometime a view from above is just fine. It really depends on the photography tips and techniques

Little Tip: If you are at home: use a tripod to get rid of all shaking.

3. Create a scene

A delicious dish photographed somewhere is awesome, but if you for example take a picture of a Pizza on wood, put some tomatoes, cheese and basil beside it, it makes you think about the classy prosses getting made. Even if it is a freezer pizza. What I want to say is, it enhances the picture a little more even if it is ok already. Just don’t overdo it. 😊  And I really want a pizza now. 😃

A pizza served on a dark rustic wood table. with tomatoes, basil and cheese.

4. Choose a point of interest

As I said earlier I like to use the wide aperture for food pictures quite a lot to get the viewers eyes exactly where I want them to be.

food photography tips and tricks
In this picture is not really a lot sharp, but you know instantly where to look and what you see is enough.

5. White balance

Always look at your white balance (If you dont know what white balance is click here). It makes a huge difference to your picture and if the food will look appetising or not. You can also use it as creative instant filter to give your picture a certain photography tips tricks

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and I was able to tell you something new and interesting. If you have any questions or opinions just ask me and I will respond in no time. 😊





8 thoughts on “Food Photography Tips and Techniques

  1. dalwhu

    Well, I’ve certainly learned something today!

    This was a really good article on the use of light and I can put this knowledge to good use with regards to taking pictures at home.
    I can used this to take photos of products I sell online as well as food pictures presumably?

    1. Aaron

      Hey dalwhu, thanks for your feedback and yes you can use those technics for products too just make sure that the light is correct, but I will probably make a post about it soon.

  2. Jessica


    Thanks for the awesome food photography tips. It really is something how lighting and angle can make a huge difference in the quality of the photos. I wasn’t really familiar with the white balance either, but I can see where this would completely change the mood of the pictures as well. I appreciate your thoughts, thank you for sharing!

    1. Aaron

      Hey Jessica, I am glad you found this post interesting and helpful. 🙂 It is really a lot about the light and angle everything else you could be adjusting later in a photo editing program as well.

  3. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Wow reading this has made me hungry! You really are a very skilled photograper.

    I really take the tip on board about trying different and unique angles to get a different perspective, you can see with the burger example you gave, this really does make a huge difference.

    Thanks for sharing your food photography tips, I think because food blogs are naturally very visual in nature, it really can make or break your food blog.

    1. Aaron

      Hey Simon, I am glad you liked the post.And yes the perspective and light make a huge difference.

  4. Patsy

    I really needed to read this! there are so many great tips on lighting and how to place everything. The angles make a huge difference also.

    I didn’t think to put it in front of the window, mine end up with shadows in odd places and it doesn’t look right. I also didn’t think of taking a shot from the top. This would solve my problem. I will have to try taking the pictures again using your tips.

    Your pictures look awesome, thank you.

    1. Aaron

      Hey Patsy, I’m glad I could help you

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