How to Focus a Camera

How to Focus a Camera

Hey everybody today I want to tell you about a thing that drove me crazy when I first started taking pictures.It is a key factor that can make a photo look like shit or make it one of your best photos you have ever taken. I am talking about focus and today I want to show you how to focus a camera right. I will use a Canon 77D to showcase everything so things might be slightly different for you. 🙂

Isn’t focusing right a very easy thing?

Ok, it actually is not a science but when I bought my first DSLR I noticed that I have way more options on it than on my point and shoot. To give you a feeling how much more options you get with a DSLR I compared them.

Point and shoot:

  1. Auto selection
  2. Face tracking


1.Auto selection.

Automatically selects what the camera thinks is most important in the picture. (I don’t use that at all and you shouldn’t either because your camera might have another opinion than you. :

2. Face tracking.

It tracks the face. If you don’t have any face to track it will act like auto selection.

3. Single-point selection.

You can select one of your focus points in my case 49 and the camera will only focus on this point. I personally use this a lot for example when I take a portrait photo where I want the eyes to be the sharpest areas in the photo.How to Focus a Camera

4. Zone selection.

Is like single point selection but this time you select 3X3 point of your choice. This is very helpful when you need to be fast or have a moving object to focus to focus a camera

5. Large zone selection.

You can choose between 3 sections of focus point to use. Left, middle and to focus right

6. Ai Servo.

AI servo is not a selection of focus point it means if you focus on something while moving or the subject is moving the camera will focus along. Very handy for sports photography.dslr camera tips beginners

7. Af One Shot.

This is probably the most used method. When you press the focus button the camera will lock the focus on the object what’s behind your focus point and stay there until you release the focus button and press it again. I know It sounds less good than the ai servo method but it is almost always 100% on point.

how to focus right

8. Manual focus.

If you look at the lens of your camera you will find an AF-MF switch if you push it, your autofocus system will turn off. This is useful if you can’t autofocus on a certain object for some reason. But if you use that turn on your live view and zoom in on the picture to make sure that it really is 100% in focus.

how to focus a camera



Before I press the shutter release button. I double check if the focus is right by pressing it halfway a few times.


When you took the photo you wanted, go to the review and zoom into it 100% to make sure it is as sharp as to focus a camera


Alright, that’s already it. 🙂  I hope you liked and learned from my how to focus a camera. Now take your camera and go take lots of pictures. 🙂 If you have any questions or opinions feel free to ask me. 🙂




2 thoughts on “How to Focus a Camera

  1. Linda

    This is very informative. I have been told that I take horrible pictures. Pictures I sometimes either cut people’s heads off or simply not focus it correctly. I need pictures to design my website however, I take terrible ones. How can I possibly get better without reading content like the one I just read. Thank you oh so much for this information.

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Linda. Awesome that I was able to help you. I think that reading something makes it easier to remember for me. 🙂 If you don’t like to read you can also go to youtube for starters there are also great tips for photography.

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