Photography Projects for Beginners

Photography Projects for Beginners

Did you ever run out of ideas for new photos?

When I started with photography I know I was not thinking in pictures.

I just bought a camera and put my idea into reality.

But soon I was standing there with a camera and no idea.

Because first I had not the experience to know what is possible,

and second, because I wasn’t used to automatically think of photo ideas or projects in the back of my head.

So, with these words, this post is about photography projects for beginners.

A way to get your brain automatically thinking about new interesting photos.

It is also very handy if you have lost a little bit of the passion for photography to just realize a random photo project,

and the photo fire inside you will start burning again. 😊

Do a black and white Photo project.

I don’t talk about one good photo I mean 50-70 good black and white photos in 2-3 month.

To use no colors is perfect to get to know how to work with light since you got nothing else to make picture tell the story.

You will see it’s not as hard as you might think it is at first.

Plus, it will improve your ability to work the light for your color pictures later as well.

photography projects for beginners

The Neighbours Photo project.

If you live in a city or village you probably have hundreds of people you see and somehow know every day directly beside you.

But you don’t really know them.

Ask them for pictures.

The first benefit will be. You will meet lots of new people and maybe some friends (or creeps 😝)

The second benefit will be. you will lose in an easy way your natural fear of talking to strangers which will help you a lot if you want to do street photography someday.

The third benefit will be. You will have a lot of beautiful portraits plus you have won a lot of experience with taking pictures of strangers.

And last but not least you have realized a project which is always good. 😊

digital photography project ideas


The Closeup photo project.

If you think you have photographed already everything around you.

Start to only make closeup photographs. What I mean with that is when you usually make portraits go closer.

Take only a photo of the eye.

This will train you to look for details and after a few tries, you will start to see the second small world.

Photography Projects for Beginners


30 Days or a year photo project

The purpose of this challenge is, to make a good picture every day.

Then load it up on a social network like Instagram, 500px, Facebook or Flickr to get some constructive feedback.

For 31 days or as long as you want I did it for three months and a friend of mine did it for a whole year.

This is project will challenge your creativity a lot, but also will improve your skills drastically.

I never learned so much. Plus, you will have a lot of followers on Instagram in no time. 😊


Photography Projects for Beginners

The Instagram Photo Challenge

One of my most favorite photography projects for beginners always was and still is the Instagram photo challenge.

So how does it work?

Go to your most favorite Instagram account and try to recreate your favorite pictures.

Why recreate someone else’s work? you might ask now.

Because these pictures are awesome. And you WILL learn a HUGE lot from recreating them.

For example what lens to use, how to use light,  how to shoot a good picture in an everyday situation or how to make lifestyle photos.

Which come in handy when you want to earn money via Instagram.

And the list goes on and on.

You will notice that after a while your brain starts using the information and experience to mix them up and create own ideas.

I mostly tried to recreate portraits or live style pictures since they are way easier to recreate than a landscape in Scottland right?

But it doesn’t really matter. You just take the pictures you want to recreate.

I link some Instagram of my favorite profiles here, so you can have a look and get inspired. 🙂

  1. Brandon Woelfel:

    Photography Projects for Beginners
    Click on the picture to get to his profile

  2. Portrait Page:

    Photography Projects for Beginners
    Click here to open the link to the profile

  3. One of mine called Aarongrafic: 

    Photography Projects for Beginners
    Click on it to get on my Profile.

  4. Alen Palander:

    Photography Projects for Beginners
    Click here to open the profile.

The One Lens Challenge

This challenge is an awesome one to train your eyes to look for the perfect frame.

You really don’t need a lot.

Which makes the challenge perfect for beginners who don’t have a lot of gear, as well for pros that have way too much of it. 😀

So the challenge goes like this. 

You can use one prime lens only.

(in case you don’t know what a prime lens is, 18-55mm is a zoom and an 85mm is a prime lens)

WHY? When George Mallory got asked why he climbed the Mount Everest he said: “Because it was there” 😀

What this challenge does.

It will:

1. Train you to know where to stand when you try to shoot a picture.

2. Train you to know which lens is good for what.

3. Train you to see without looking through the camera, if the picture will work or not and how to make it work.

4. Make you look at your surroundings in a different way.

5. Train you to shoot way better pictures with this certain lens, then 98% of the people you know.

When I did this challenge with the 50mm People in Facebook groups started calling me a lier.

Like this one shot on 50mm and 1000D body

Because I took better pictures with the super cheap lens and my 1000D than they did with their 10k gear.

But I was only able to because I knew every super annoying aspect of my lens 🙂

and worked out a way to work around them.

6. Last but not least. It will give you the skill to fast pull out your camera, fast take the shot and fast put it away again. Like a Cowboy 🙂

Because you now know where to stand to get the picture you want.

In my experience a huge problem  of using a lot of gear is,

that you miss the shot because you are thinking about which lens to use.

If you only have one there is no thinking process.

You might now think alright which lens should I choose? So I thought I share with you which I liked to use for that.

  1. 50mm f/1.8 this is a very fast lens plus it’s super sharp, It has the same angle of view as the human eye and is super cheap.


2. 24mm  f/2.8 STM or USM if you shoot full frame or want to shoot video too.

24mm STM

I love this lens, it’s wide angle and pretty sharp plus it focuses very fast. Also super cheap unless you buy the USM version.

3. Any lens you like really.

I used my 18-55mm the first time and also a 10-18mm the second time.

It will do If you don’t have the money to buy a new one.

But if you have the money I would really use a prime one you will love it way more than you have ever loved a zoom lens. 🙂

And remember the main goal of doing a photography project is to have fun. 😊

Alright, this is it for today. I hope you liked the post and if you have any question or opinions let me know as always in the comments. 😊

Cheers Aaron.

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22 thoughts on “Photography Projects for Beginners

  1. Shrey

    I always wanted to get into photography but as usually it always seems like something that would take a lot of effort and not easy to do at all. How would you suggest me to get started?
    I see people who are really good at it and want to actually be able to click some good pictures.

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Shrey. I could tell you now a lot about photography. But if you not quite into it yet, just take a camera or phone and try to take good pictures after a while you will be better 🙂 or read the post about the golden hour and try your luck with it. it is almost impossible to not make beautiful pictures in that time 😀

  2. Warren

    Anyone can be a photography beginner and these suggested projects really hit the spot. I really like the one about recognizing that there are “models” all around us and all we have to do is ask to take a picture.

    I started out doing landscapes but now there are subjects everywhere and with all the digital editing available, you can be snapping quality shots in no time.

    Loved the black and white images. B&W is great for portraits and can really capture the soul.

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Warren. I am glad you liked my post 🙂 After you have done all the projects you will not need photoshop anymore 😀 I will be doing an article about black and white photography as well soon.

  3. Kenny

    I have just bought a DSLR and is starting to learn more about photography. Your photographs are all amazing and breathtaking. I would really like to take pictures like yours one fine day. Thank you for the picture ideas, it really helps me a lot to know where to start and what project to focus on.

    1. Aaron

      Hi Kenny, I’m happy to hear that you like my pictures (don’t worry you will get there) 🙂 but even more happy that I was able to help you find some inspiration.

  4. Karen

    This is a great article for the beginner photographer…thanks for writing it. My first camera was a Cannon SLR way back when, I took several photography classes and slowly built up my various lenses; my favorite being the macro and zoom.
    The photos you can take with a macro are totally amazing.
    How do you compare DSLR camera photos to smart Iphone photos?

    1. Aaron

      Hey Karen, thanks for the nice feedback 🙂 yes macro can let you see a whole other little world in the world. 🙂 I think smartphone are getting better and better plus they are super handy. abut they can’t compare with DSLRs yet the lenses, the image quality, and the light sensibility is just not the same. But they are the perfect camera for many people because everybody has óne always on them already.

  5. Anavai

    omg! I loved your post! I have always wanted to get tips on photography…im not a photographer but im definitely always amazed by it…ive always wanted to start photography for myself but never knew where to start! its great to know all these tips! this is really great content! I’m glad I came across your website! im definitely gona be reading from you!

    1. Aaron

      Hey Anavai, I’m glade you want to start with photography. The best thing you can do is just get a cheap camera and get started 🙂  Thanks for the nice feedback and feel free to hang around the site. You can find a lot of tutorials for beginners and starters 🙂

      Cheers Aaron.

  6. Tonya B.

    Thank you for this! I love taking photos too, and your ideas on starting with black & white, closeups, etc., is great — I agree that once you start getting a lot of practice (and really having fun with what you are doing), and the more familiar you become with it, it happens that you become much better at it.

    Well done for beating out others photos just by knowing all of the features and aspects of your lens! That made me giggle a bit – so smart!

    Do you have any ideas on what types of pictures you might take in the future to dive even deeper into photography?

    1. Aaron

      Hey Tonya, Yes It’s all about getting started and doing it 🙂 I actually didn’t use another lens because I didn’t had the money for one back then 😉

      I like to do Travel and adventure Photography, but I really got into portraits in the last couple of month. I really like to do the type of photography where I feel shitty in because I get the steepest learning curve usually. 🙂

      What kind of pictures do you like to take?

      And thanks for the nice feedback 🙂 

  7. AbenDude

    I was never really a photography guy myself, but I can see that you’re very good at it. The photos look crisp, and amazing too. I really want to see more of these photos, not just as stock images. If you want to make some extra money off of these photos, you can sell them as stock images or provide photography services on Fiverr.

    1. Aaron

      Hey Aden, thank you for the nice feedback and I actually already have a photo studio and an etsy shop where you can buy them. I like the idea of stock but I’m a contract photographer so I can’t really go and load a picture up that I shot for red bull. 🙂 

  8. Avareth

    This was such a helpful article. It gives so many good ideas and ideas that could even branch off from those. The 30 day photo challenge also seems like a great way to grow as photographer, especially if you took it even further than 30 days. I loved all of these creative ideas, and the examples you included. I think I’ll find myself coming back to this article many times. Thanks for writing it 🙂

    1. Aaron

      Hey Avareth, I’m glad you liked the article so much 🙂 You can do the challenge easily for a year. and then go back to your first pictures and compare them. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your progress.

  9. Stella

    Hi Aaron;

    Your post has reignited my interest in photography. I have a digital camera already, and a few years ago I started to do an online course. But, you know how it goes. Other things got in the way.

    You have inspired me to pick it up again. I love your approach of keeping it simple. That appeals to me.

    And I love your pics. Nice work.

    I think I will get the camera out and try some of your project ideas. It will be relaxing between writing sessions.

    Stella 🙂

    1. Aaron

      Hey Stella, I’m glad to hear that I was able to reignite your inner photographer 🙂 I think It would fit in perfect between your writing sessions because, it is an awesome way to get outside and enjoy nature. Maybe do the one photo a day challenge 🙂 The main goal is to have fun 🙂 

      And thanks for the great feedback:) 

      Cheers Aaron 

  10. Kevin

    Great article! I am definitely a beginner, the point and click sort of person. My brother was more of a photographer than me. He definitely liked taking black and white photos or color. I’ll have to try some of these projects you suggested in the future. I may have to try Instagram challenge

    1. Aaron

      Hey Kevin, everybody starts as a beginner 🙂 I think the Instagram challenge is a good one to start since it is the most rewarding one. Plus you can see your improvement in the likes. 🙂

  11. Petra

    Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for that article, it’s really taught me a few things. I’ve always loved taking photos, ever since I was a teenager and got my first camera. I’ve been traveling around quite a bit and always end up with thousands of photos.

    And I think I might have a go at the 30-day challenge. Beautiful photos you posted. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s so much fun to do so!

    Maybe it’s time I did a proper photography course to take it to the next level? What kind of course would you recommend to start with? And what kind of camera?

    1. Aaron

      Hey Petra, I’m glad you have so much fun taking pictures. 🙂 My best recommandation to photography courses is Youtube or a Blog like mine. You can get all the knowledge you need from there for free. The only think you don’t learn there you will learn through practice. If I would be you I would save the money and invest it later in a better lens 🙂 

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