Streets and Streets Photography

Streets and Streets Photography

Today I want to show you some of my favorite free time activities Street image photography. I love street image photography because you will start to see things and talk with people that you usually wouldn’t because you are on the way to something. Sometimes it’s just a couple in a ristorante or somebody starts playing piano in front of a water fountain just for fun. What I what to say is we are surrounded by a very versatile and busy environment that is full of little interesting story’s we are just usually too busy to see and enjoy them. So, here I made a guide with my best street photography tips, techniques for you I hope you can work with that.

Streets and Streets Photography


  1. Talk to strangers. When you first start taking photos of strange people it can be quite a challenge to do it because it feels somehow weird to talk to strange people at first. So, what can you do about it? A good way to start is to make it a goal to just talk to people whenever you are waiting in a line or need a way description don’t pull out your smartphone just talk to people for at least a minute you will meet a lot of funny, helpful, strange and 99% of the time very polite people. After some time, you will have no problem with talking to strange people it will be perfectly normal for you like it actually is. 😊


street photography tips techniques

  1. Take photos of street artists. If you still feel not very confident about it start taking photos of street artist. They love it when you take pictures of them sometimes they even start doing crazy stuff just to make you never forget them.


  1. Should you ask for permission? YES, if it’s not a crowd. sometimes it is already enough to smile at somebody with your camera in your hand, most of the time they will smile back then you know it is ok. When you want a closeup portrait, you should always ask them (remember you are not doing anything wrong). Usually, they will ask you why especially them, then you can tell them about your project you are shooting for or just because they have a very special smile. Just be honest and 99% percent they will happily volunteer for you.


  1. Take good black and white photos. Of course, it’s up to you what you want to do. Why I do 9 out of 10 times black white street photography or as duplex is because you can eliminate strong distracting colors and lead the eye much easier. Plus, it makes the picture somehow timeless sometimes you don’t know if it was shot yesterday or in the 50’s which I think is pretty cool but then again it’s up to you.

Take good black and white photos


  1. Give them your best photo. When I have taken a photo of my subject I show it to them while having a little chat with them. When they ask me for a copy I give them my email address and send them my best picture of them. That’s the least you can do.

  1. Be respectful and smart. If you took a photo of somebody who doesn’t agree with you or a third person that doesn’t agree with you in my case it was a mongrel mob member in New Zealand, don’t start arguing just agree and delete the picture you will make another good photo.

black white street photography

  1. Be extremely careful with children. ALLWAYS ask the parents when you want to photograph a child make sure you have full permission. You don’t want to bring across the wrong intentions.

All right these where my 7 street photography tips and techniques. Even if the pictures didn’t make you want to try it out, you still should at least ones you will be surprised. 😊 However, if you have any questions or opinions on my post please let me know in the comments I will be more than happy to answer you.



Aaron. 😊

8 thoughts on “Streets and Streets Photography

  1. Minhaj

    HI, Aaron, I’m glad I found your site, I wasn’t really into photography until drones started using HD cameras (I have a couple) and take stunning aerial photography. I have come to appreciate this profession even more.
    I really do like the black and white images and your reason why they make a better picture makes sense.
    How long have you been a photographer and do you only do street photography? I personally enjoy nature photography.
    Thanks for the article

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Minhaj thank you for the positive feedback. I started photographing when I was about 15 years old and loved it from there. 🙂 I do all types of photography I always have my camera on me the only type I have never tried was aerial photography with a drone because I don’t have one but I am really interested in drones which one would you say is a good one to start I was thinking about the phantom 4 what would you say?

  2. Steve

    Hi, great post.

    I am an avid photographer and love shooting buildings, landscapes and wildlife. All of which don’t require permission or for me to consider the feeling of the subject.

    I would love to shoot people on the street but always just feel a bit awkward. While I know I am in the right to shoot anything in public it just feels a little intrusive.

    I will be sure to implement your tips to get into the street photography as its a very varied and interesting subject. Thanks so much

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Steve. I am really happy that I could encourage you to give it a try. I had the same problem when I started too and talking to people really helped me 🙂 just remember you are not doing anything illegal. 🙂

  3. Hey, Aaron great article with really nice pictures!

    I love to take pictures of all the different humans of the world. It’s just so interesting and beautiful.
    I just have tried it out a few times. And you are right, its wired. But just in the beginning. After you did it sometimes it doesn’t feel strange anymore.

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Leonie. It is really just a matter of practice and a little bit of braveness. What I think helps a lot is when you have something like a project or a clear reason for yourself why you want to photograph people. 🙂

  4. tracy

    Hi there, I enjoyed this post a lot. It is good to be reminded of tips to have someone let you photograph them in a happy and co-operative manner. I do find mostly people are happy to let you take their pic, very rarely do I get a no answer.
    Will be following.

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Tracy. I hope I had some new tips to you. Since you seem to already have street photography experience. But yes the biggest problem with taking pictures of strange people is inside our heads 🙂 99% of all people I ever tried to photograph were very happy about it. 🙂

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