The Best DSLR For Beginners

The Best DSLR For Beginners

After Canon released their super disappointing 4000D and 2000D without any really new features apart from the new higher price tag. I wanted to share with you guys The best DSLR for beginners on the market right now. It is the Nikon D3400… and that is coming from a Canon guy 😉 which means there must be something to it 🙂

So let’s get started with the best DLSR for beginners on the marketed in 2018.


It is Nikon’s most advanced inexpensive super-compact DSLR ever. It Is a basic DSLR designed for beginners and photo enthusiasts as well as for everybody that likes to use something better than a point and shoot or phone for videos. It is definitely not a High-end DSLR but considered the price it definitely covers all the specs that a beginner could wish for. Plus compared to the Canon competition it really is the best choice you could possibly take.

  • Price:$496.95 
  • Build Quality: 9/10
  • Cost/performance: 9.5/10
  • Handling 8/10
  • Best Place to buy



The 24.2MP sensor is the only thing that this camera has in common with its Canon competition. With 24.2MP and no anti-aliasing filter (which is a good thing) you really have enough to start or even make a large and crystal clear print with. For everybody who doesn’t know what 24MP are its 6000 x 4000 pixels. A funny fact is that the Leica M10 That costs $6500 has the same resolution.

The Lens

It comes with the usual 18-55mm kit lens as every other entry DSLR does, but this time they updated the lens which is sharper and focuses smoother and quieter than the old one (perfect for video) It is not an especially good lens or anything, but it certainly is enough to get a good start in photography.

The Best DSLR For Beginners


EXPEED 4 Image Processor

This processor enables your camera to shoot video in full HD, a burst frame rate of 5fps. Which is great and way better than any competitor.

Battery Life

The battery life enables you to take 1200 shots in a row without having to swap batteries. Almost twice as much as Canon.

Snap Bridge

This is nothing new but it still is super cool. You can now connect your phone directly to your camera via Bluetooth and send the pictures directly to your phone as you shoot them. You can also use Snap Bridge as a remote shutter for your camera including bulb timing.

The Best DSLR For Beginners

Build Quality

The build quality really is up to the Nikon standards. It feels durable and good in your hand. You can even get the D3400 in different colors such as red if you want. 🙂

The Best DSLR For Beginners


I was particularly happy about the fact that the D3400 is able to shoot in 1080p with a frame rate of 60fps. (30fps more than Canon). Which enables you to shot slow-motion videos for b-roll or other things. Also, a super big plus is that Nikon included Autofocusing in the video mode. It sounds pretty basic, yes, but, I hate to say it, that is something that Canon hasn’t done once again.

The Best DSLR For Beginners

Guide Mode

The guide mode from Nikon which is also built into the D3400 really explains almost everything. Such as that a big aperture means a small number. Which can come in really handy when you use a DSLR for the first time.

The Best DSLR For Beginners

Focusing System

In opposite to the Canon Competition, the Autofocusing system has 11 AF points instead of 9 which also has one cross sensor in the middle to give you a more accurate sharpness. Nikon also included Face Detection and an AF assist beam that the camera fires when you shoot in low light.

The Best DSLR For Beginners

Burst Mode

Once again D3400 outshoots its competition while Canons entry DSLR shoot with a frame rate of 3 the Nikon D3400 shoots at 5 fps. Almost twice as many pictures.


The ISO goes from 100 up to 25600. Which is again twice as far as the Canon competitor. The pictures even still look Alright at ISO 3200.

The Best DSLR For Beginners

Touch Screen

Another feature you don’t get with Canon. The touchscreen makes the camera even easier to handle.

Compared to Canon

Cameras Nikon D3400 Canon 2000D
Sensor 24.2 CMOS 24.2 CMOS
AF System 11 points one cross-type 9 points one cross-type
ISO Range 100-25000 100-12800
Burst Rate 5fps 3fps
Wireless Communication Yes Yes
Video/ fps 1080p full HD at 60fps 1080p full HD at 30fps
Touch Screen Yes No
Price $496.95 $549.99


  1. The D3400 is stuffed with technology and really is the best option at the moment.
  2. Great picture quality.
  3. Higher ISO coverage.
  4. 5FPS burst.
  5. It has a build in manual and tells you exactly what to do.
  6. The cost/performance ratio is outstanding
  7. Battery life.


  1. There is no external audio input. So you will have to record good sound with a recorder and sync it up later.
  2. I would have wished for at least one dual-cross sensor
  3. I really can’t think of another con for this price.


I got to say that I usually prefer Canon over Nikon, but I think this comparison Between these two market-leading brands really showed which choice the right one is. Especially when you think about the fact that the D3400 was released in 2016 and is still the better choice than the 2018 released 4000D and 2000D from Canon which also cost more. If you want to pay a lot for nothing go with Canon if you want the biggest bang for your buck the D3400 is the obvious choice to take. I also want to say that there are some shortcomings on this camera like on every camera, but considering the price it becomes really hard to complain.

That’s already it with my recommendation for the best DSLR for beginners. I hope you will make the right decision and save your money with the cheaper, but better camera. If you have any questions or opinions please let me know in the comments. I will get back to you as fast as I can 🙂

Cheers Aaron

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8 thoughts on “The Best DSLR For Beginners

  1. Dana

    Hi Aaron,
    great review for the Nikon D-3400. The D3400 seems like a very capable camera and well-suited for beginners. Do you know if battery life depends on image size, jpg quality and flash usage? Is there a Command Function in the menu for flash control for the hot shoe flash other than flash duration? Thank you again for the great review, I am looking for a new camera and am impressed with this one.

    1. Aaron

      Hey Dana, thanks for the great feedback. The batterylife of 1200 pictures includes flash and raw files. So if you don’t use flash you shoot be able to take even more pictures, bu you might need another SD card then 🙂 

  2. Chris

    Hi Aaron,

    thank you for this great review. I remember reading your Canon 4000D review the other day and as far as I can judge, the Nikon has scored much, much better, even though they are sold at a similar price point. I am thinking about getting a beginner DSLR for my wife. Do you know if there are any adaptors or so that would allow her to use the Nikon with my existing Canon lenses? Or would I in this specific scenraio be better off with buying another Canon?


    1. Aaron

      Hey Chris, yes there are adapters you just need to know which lens mount you to adapt to need. If you want to buy a good Entry level Canon go with the M50 It is more expensive but also worth the money. In opposite to the 4000D and the 2000D. 🙂 Link here:

  3. At one time I used a Canon Vixia for all of my marketing videos – video quality is great and it’s got a jack for an external mic. In looked around for a mid-priced DSLR with an audio jack, but gave it up as a bad job. However, when i checked out the video capabilities of recent cameras I was hooked. It’s quite easy to take advantage of HD video on a DSLR and add the audio later. Nice post here.

    1. Aaron

      Hey Derek, all DSLRs have at least a build in mic. if they don’t have an audio jack. So you can sync up the video to externally recorded sound in post-production. And thank you for your nice feedback 🙂

  4. Jyl

    It’s been a very long time since I bought my last digital camera – I’ve always been really happy with my iPhone camera – but reading down through these comparisons between the Nikon D3400 and the Canon 2000D, you’ve managed to whet my appetite to get back into the game!

    I used to do black and white photography, using films, paper and developing chemicals, and boy have things taken a huge leap since then! But photography, although the mechanics of it may change, is still a very important medium in our lives. A good camera is vital. I like the Nikon if I’m honest, and I reckon I’ll be looking into maybe saving up to get myself one sometime soon. Great post, thank you 🙂

    1. Aaron

      Hey Jyl, yes it wasn’t that easy back in the days with film. You would be surprised how much easier things have  gotten. I think you would have a lot of fun with with DSLRs and the nikon D3400 really is worth its money. 🙂

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