What Time is the Golden Hour?

What Time is the Golden Hour?

When you see a picture like this:

when is the golden hour
Most people would probably say mhh the guy who made this must have done something with photoshop or lightroom. 😊 and the answer is NO he just took a picture at the golden hour. So, what is the golden hour? and when is the golden hour? The golden hour is the time directly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. It’s called like this because the light is golden warm, rich and best light to take pictures in the day. The shadows are way longer and more dramatic but still soft.

However, the golden hours are actually very short lived and you can see the light changing in minutes. If you want to catch the beautiful light you need to be fast and well prepared.
So here is my little guide for you to make it in time for best light to take pictures. 😊

1. What time is the golden hour.
The golden hours are depending on where you are on the earth, because of the angle of the sun to the earth. Which also means that the times will change with the seasons. But don’t worry to find out what time the golden hour is you can ether look it up online or use an app. 😊 easy.

what time is the golden hour

2. Be prepared.
The hard part is not to know when to golden hour is, it’s to be prepared to know what subject, what location, what composition and to have your camera already in your hand when its time.
I know it’s easy to say be there one hour earlier, but when you think about that the golden hour is sometimes at 6 a.m. a clock its not so easy anymore 😃
So, what I like to do is visit the location at the sunrise golden hour and just take pictures to get to know the location and to be prepared for the golden hour in the evening. 😝 smart ey?

when golden hour photography
Be Ready and organized

3. Shoot with a wide aperture.

You should shoot with a wide aperture (the smaller the number the wider the aperture) when you shoot in the evening. To get the really nice bokeh that everybody will love in your pictures. 😊 Since it will get darker from second to second you can actually make the golden hour a little longer without getting to high in your iso settings.

when golden hour photography
Look at the nice bokeh in the background and the sharp foreground

4. Use a reflector.
You don’t absolute need a reflector but it can make your picture way better if you are not making landscape pictures. Especially when you use the sun as backlight. Which I love to do by the way. 😊 to get some clarity and  light back for example the face of the model or whatever you are shooting.

what is the golden ratio
The face is light up with a reflector.

These where my 4 most important tips for the golden hour, I hope it was helpful, motivating and interesting for you if you have any opinions or questions ask me and I will get back to you in no time.


Cheers Aaron.

4 thoughts on “What Time is the Golden Hour?

  1. ChazzBrown

    I had never heard of the golden hour but it makes perfect sense.

    I would probably not have assumed the picture was the result of photoshop skills.

    I’m sure I would have correctly assumed the photo was shot by a better photographer than me. But now at least I have a better idea of what the underlying technique might be to get this kind of result!

    1. Aaron

      Hey, ChazzBrown even better but usually photos like that are made with Photoshop or Lightroom. ;P but now you should try out to make photos even if you use your phone or any other camera it will make a huge difference to the regular ones. 🙂

  2. Hey, Aaron!

    Thanks for this great advice!

    I have read your article last weekend and yesterday I tried it out and it was just so a great light!
    And yes I was prepared and shoot with a wide aperture, but I don’t have a reflector.
    The photo was really great!
    Now I will buy a reflector because then I can get the light in the back and front of the person!

    1. Aaron

      Hey, Leonie again. I am glad you tried it out and got a nice photograph out of it and yes you should really try it with the reflector you fill in the person from the front or just fill the face with light. Just play around and tell me how it went. :)https://whatcameraguide.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

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